PROJECTS : Camp Arrowhead, BSA Rappelling/Climbing Tower

Camp Arrowhead, BSA Rappelling/Climbing Tower

Location: Ona, West Virginia Camp Arrowhead

Project Description:

This project consisted of the construction of a 40-foot Rappelling/Climbing Tower for the Tri-State Area Council, BSA at Camp Arrowhead. The tower has four sides that can be used for climbing or rappelling. Each side is constructed for different degrees of difficulty for the skill level of the climber. Three of the four sides have wooden fabricated blocks for climbing and on the forth side there are molded grips for climbing. On this side there is also a layback that simulates a cliff for climbing purposes. On the inside of the tower there is a set of stairs that you can walk comfortably to the top of the tower. Also inside the tower is an inverted wall with molded grips for a more difficult climb. Along with the inverted wall is a climbing chimney, a rope for climbing and also a storage room. The top of the tower is a platform where you can access all sides of the tower with a railing system that can open on two sides to access the wall, a slide for life and for future plans of a high rope cope course that will be connected to the tower. A roof was constructed over the platform for protection from the elements. The roof that was put on is considered to be a 50-year roof and should last that long. Included with this project was a precautions system that needed to be constructed to keep people from climbing on the tower while there is no supervision on the premises. There was also a waiting area constructed to keep individuals away from the tower for safety while other people are using it. There was also a designated trail constructed special for access to the tower.

Below are some pictures of the project as it is being constructed. The pictures are thumbnails, click on them to view a larger image. Be aware that most of the images are large file sizes and need time to download.

laying out steps
step construction
step construction
a look from outside step construction up the steps
view from outside
looking out of the hatch
looking down the hatch
hatch closed installing siding installing siding
siding siding siding
siding, inside view siding almost complete siding almost finished
siding almost finished mounting brackets close-up finished siding
finished sides door climbing chimney
constructing top constructing top constructing top
constructing top roof roof
roof roof inverted climbing wall
completed top constructing climbing overhang installing commercial climbing holds
installing commercial climbing holds rapelling gate finished tower

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