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Tri-State Company is not limited to just building hiking trails. There are many other areas were we could serve your needs. Tri-State has fifteen years experience in contracting for United States Forest Service, State and City Parks, and for private individuals. Below are some of the categories that Tri-State has experience in and a brief description on what they have done it that area.

Trail Construction

Tri-State Company has over 80 years of trail building experience on both a volunteer level and in the professional level. Over the years we have built hundreds of miles of trail and have built a remarkable resume of different trails all over. Check out our Trail section of our website to see the trails we have built and reconstructed over the years.

Hiking Trail Bridge Construction

Tri-State has an extensive resume in building pedestrian bridges for hiking trails. We have built just about any type of bridge from prefab steel bridges to wood glu-lam bridges assembled on site. Check out our Bridge section of our site to see our resume of bridges we've built.

Trail Design, Layout and Planning

Tri-State has over 80 years experience between its employees and is able to use that experience to layout and plan a hiking trail. There are several trails that Tri-State has laid out and constructed. The Kanawha Trace trail system that we help maintain in our area is one of the trails laid out and built by the president of this company.

Use of Trail Machines

Over the years Tri-State has used many different machines to help construct some of trails it builds. The use of these machines is forbidden in Wilderness Areas, Tri-State would use hand tools in this situation. Tri-State has a wide range of machines and tools for building trails. To see some of these machines and tools check out our Equipment section of our site.

Use of Helicopter Lifts

Due to Tri-State’s philosophy of "Light on the Land", we have become accustomed to using helicopters for the transport of heavy material. We use helicopters, so we do not have to destroy the forests by building roads for cranes and heavy trucks to carry in material and placing it. This alternative is generally more expensive than the other, but it saves on the environment and destruction of the scenery.


Tri-State is able to provide individuals or organizations with its knowledge on trail building and help them plan out a trail. Our expertise is vast regarding trail construction and outdoor infrastructure.

Grant Writing

Tri-State has many years experience in building hiking trails and can put that knowledge to use in writing grants or assisting an organization in pursuit trail construction grant. Tri-State has successfully written grants for its own trail system and also for other non-profit organizations.

Training and Seminars

Tri-State has conducted several training classes for organizations interested in learning how to build hiking trails. Tri-State has put on training for Americorp, State Park Workers, and Trial Clubs.

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