PROJECTS: Wildwood Park Trail Rehabilitation

Wildwood Park Trail Rehabilitation

Location:  Radford, Virginia

Project Description:

This project was for the reconstruction of Wildwood Park in Radford, Virginia.  We originally built this trail in 2001 and this year it needed some work.  We solved some drainage issues and filled cribbing to bring the trail back up to grade.  We also built a small foot bridge to replace the existing one that was in bad repair.  There was some rerouting around some very large stumps that had been blown down in a storm and were precariously positioned on the trail that would have rolled down the hill and caused damage to the trail below.  Included was also the replacement of some original cribbing that had been broken when large trees fell and uprooted under or fell across them.  The original waterbars were still in place but were completely filled behind so those were cleaned as well.

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Wildwood Park Trail Reconstruction
Wildwood Park

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