PROJECTS : Himot Property Trails

Himot Property Trails

Location: Bluegrass Valley, Virginia

Project Description:

This project is for the construction of a new trail network on private property. The trail network included 6 different trails that gives the landowner 3.96 miles of trail for access over there entire property.

Below are some pictures of the project as it is being constructed. The pictures are thumbnails, click on them to view a larger image. Be aware that most of the images are large file sizes and need time to download.

2 foot trail 2 foot trail switchback 2 foot trail
5 foot trail construction timber road rehab switchback
5 foot trail overlook trail 5 foot trail
5 foot trail breaking bedrock 5 foot trail
switchback switchback 5 foot trail over scree slope
trail across scree slope 5 foot trail construction 5 foot trail construction
5 foot trail across meadow 5 foot trail placing dirt over scree

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