Apple Orchard Falls

Location: Buchannon, Virginia

We have done many projects at Apple Orchard Falls. The projects that we have done there include an elevated walkway at the base of the falls, repairs on the trail down to the falls, and addition of wooden steps. This page will bring you a description of all the projects we have done there and pictures of the project.

Apple Orchard Falls Trail Bridge

Project Description:
Involved the reconstruction and clearing and grubbing of existing trail as well as relocations to improve gradients and the construction of treated timber steps. The contract also included the construction of an 140 LF elevated curvilinear screw laminated walkway beneath the falls. The walkway consists of different levels with stairs in breaks on the bridge. There is also a observation platform that was built attached to the walkway with a bench for sitting.

Pier Threaded Rods
Pier with Threaded Rod Piers and Threaded Rods
Finished Walkway Walkway
Walkway Work in Progress
Finished Walkway Finished Walkway
Finished Walkway Finished Walkway
Work in progress Bracing and post
Walkway near Rock Pots
Finished Walkway

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