1998 Projects

These are the projects that we did in the year 1998. The projects are categorized by the year that we started the contract. If you are looking for a project that you thought might have been done in this year, check the year before and it could have been started then. A lot of our projects can last for more than a year and we also start projects towards the end of the year and they do carry over. Enjoy the projects descriptions and pictures. Since this is a new website we are still continuing to add pictures from past projects once we have scanned them to add them to the site. So if a project you are looking for doesn't have any pictures come back later to see if they have been added. Leave us a comment, in our Contact section of this site, about a project you would like to see pictures of and we will try to do those first.

Mount Pleasant Phase II
Location: George Washington and Jefferson National Forest, Virginia
April 1998

Project Description:

Mt. Pleasant Trail
Involved the rebuilding one half of existing trail and the construction of another half mile of trail through some of the most difficult terrain in the east. Again, a gravely tractor was used to construct most of the tread way. The work involved clearing, grubbing, and removal of hazard trees, rock waterbars, stone steps, and excavation. The resulting trail is now one of the premier trails in the George Washington and Jefferson National Forest.

Cascades Recreation Area
Location: Pembroke, VA
May 1998

Project Description:

Bridge 1 at Cascades
This project involved clearing, grubbing, excavation, side hill trail construction, removal of large hazard trees, timber cribbing, steps, waterbars, and trail reconstruction to correct drainage problems. This project also included helicopter operations and the construction of four large treated timber bridges.

RR Donnelley & Sons Company, Inc. Nature & Educational Trail
Location: Salem, VA
July 1998

Project Description:

Start of the Trail with Sign
Involved the construction of a trail system at the site of the new Donnelley printing plant in Salem, VA. The trail is approximately 2.5 miles long with an outdoor classroom; trail signs, wetlands, and a picnic area. Part of the trail is edged timber treadway with a crushed gravel walkway. The trail is directed both to employee fitness concerns as well as the education enhancement of environmental programs in the local school system. The trail is also open to the public.

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