1996 Projects

These are the projects that we did in the year 1996. The projects are categorized by the year that we started the contract. If you are looking for a project that you thought might have been done in this year, check the year before and it could have been started then. A lot of our projects can last for more than a year and we also start projects towards the end of the year and they do carry over. Enjoy the projects descriptions and pictures. Since this is a new website we are still continuing to add pictures from past projects once we have scanned them to add them to the site. So if a project you are looking for doesn't have any pictures come back later to see if they have been added. Leave us a comment, in our Contact section of this site, about a project you would like to see pictures of and we will try to do those first.

Cascades Trail Reconstruction
Location: Pembroke, VA
September 1996 - December 1996

Project Description:

Pictures Coming Soon!!
Involved the construction of treated timber cribbing, barrier railing, clearing, grubbing, and a massive set of overlapping stone steps. The area of construction was in an environmentally sensitive area requiring protection of plant and land resources.

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