1994 Projects

These are the projects that we did in the year 1994. The projects are categorized by the year that we started the contract. If you are looking for a project that you thought might have been done in this year, check the year before and it could have been started then. A lot of our projects can last for more than a year and we also start projects towards the end of the year and they do carry over. Enjoy the projects descriptions and pictures. Since this is a new website we are still continuing to add pictures from past projects once we have scanned them to add them to the site. So if a project you are looking for doesn't have any pictures come back later to see if they have been added. Leave us a comment, in our Contact section of this site, about a project you would like to see pictures of and we will try to do those first.

Hoophole Trail Reconstruction
Location: Virginia

Project Description:

Pictures Coming Soon!!
Involved building approximately two miles of trail through massive bolder fields, scree slops, and the construction of waterbars, switchbacks, clearing, grubbing, and stone steps and risers. Most of the treadway was located on side slope gradients. The entire trail was constructed using hand tools.

Charles C. Deam, Wilderness Trails Reconstruction
Location: Charles C. Dean Wildernes, Indiana

Project Description:

Pictures Coming Soon!!
Involved the construction and reconstruction of thirty-two miles of horse and hiking trail in a statutory wilderness area. This meant that no motorized or mechanized equipment was permitted within the wilderness boundary. The work carried out included: clearing, grubbing, excavation, hazard tree removal, construction of switchbcks, installation of 100s of treated timber waterbars, side hill construction, hardening of stream crossings, and solving drainage problems on old abandoned roadways.

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