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"Putting Quality into Outdoor Infrastructure and Trails for more than 30 years"
These are some of our current Projects.
Tri-State Company has been building hiking trails and other outdoor infrastructure for the National, State, and Local Governments, non-profit organizations, private companies and individuals for more than 30 years. Tri-State Company is headquartered in West Virginia but works in various surrounding states.
Montebello Condo Bridge
Updated: Feb. 16, 2023


Professional Trailbuilders Association
Wiley Log Homes
Trails Inc. Living History
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"Light on the Land"
  • Consulting
  • Grant Writing
  • Using Track Excavator and Trail Machine
  • Hiking Trail Bridge Construction
  • Trail Construction
  • Trail Design, Layout and Planning
  • Building Trails Training and Seminars

Tri-State Company's Mission Statement:

"Builders of quality recreational infrastructure using traditional skills and innovative techniques."

West Virginia Contractors License Number: Virginia Contractors License Number: Class A
#WV003332 #VA 2705 135185A

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